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Artificial Intelligence for Video Surveillance

Reducing crimes rates, and road congestions.


Internet of Robotic Things

Managing solutions of robots and drones.


AR for site survey

Improving the service delivery experience.


How does it work?

Step 1

FutureNow Calls Launch

Submit your application to our open FutureNow Calls.

Step 2

Shortlisting Companies

The companies with the most relevant solutions will be shortlisted.

Step 3

Candidates Interviews

Interviews will be scheduled to assess and define the scope of the project.

Step 4

Participants Onboarding

You will receive confirmation and orientation to join the program.

Step 5

9 – 12 weeks program

Work together with Etisalat teams to implement the solution and address the FutureNowCall.

Step 6

Become our partner

Bring your solution to our clients and Go-to-market jointly with Etisalat.

Meet our FutureNow Calls Alumni


Yitu provides real-life applications for AI technologies, in the fields of intelligent city, intelligent health care, and intelligent business. AI capabilities include computer vision and speech recognition.


Abiquo delivers leading cloud orchestration software, allowing service providers to quickly build and monetize cloud services while managing hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure from one intuitive portal.


Audace Labs has created an AI-based insurance on-demand solution where users can customize their insurance plans according to their lifestyle and budget.


Dressire is an AI hyper-personalization platform for fashion, offering catalog meta tagging, 1-1 personalization, outfit advisory, visual search, chatbots, virtual trial room solutions along with demand planning & insights.


Although we already had a big focus on the InsureTech market in MENA, the Future Now programme enabled us to rapidly accelerate our growth. This was not only due to their vast network of top-notch mentors, but also their great expertise and valuable input. Being part of the programme has opened doors for us in the UAE market in a relatively shorter amount of time than we could have achieved organically – The Future Now programme played a part in taking Audace Labs where it is today, and if utilised correctly, it's an indispensable tool that can help your start up succeed too.

sujith'sphoto audacelabs

Sujith Sizon

Managing Partner, Audace Labs.

FutureNow has contributed to a better understanding of Dubai’s innovation ecosystem and have the chance to work with Etisalat Digital to build an outstanding Cloud project to deliver cloud services in the UAE. The program has served as an excellent opportunity to learn about businesses in Dubai, which has given great insights in order to provide customized services. Very well organized with perfect facilities and work environment, the program has been crucial to develop Abiquo’s cloud services in the UAE.


Xavier Fernández

Chief Technology Officer, Abiquo.

We are delighted to take our cooperation with Etisalat to the next level in the United Arab Emirates, which is the best scenario to deploy our cutting-edge technology. To deploy autonomous robotics, connectivity and networks are essential. We are merging the power of 5G, AI, IoT, and Edge technology to deliver the autonomous future. Our strategy is to work with global leaders. By joining forces with Etisalat, we not only have access to top-notch connectivity but also to key enterprise customers to make the autonomous future a reality.


Nicholas Zylberglajt

CEO, Unmanned Life.

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